Darq E Freaker- Blueberry [Remix] - Edisto iLLizhii Lyrics

[Verse Edisto]
I ain't perpetrate'n no fraud
Percolate with yo broad
She twerkalate I goes hard and I ain't talkin bout bars!
Got pink all over that bra persuading her to discard
I'm tryna get in drawers and reupholster her walls
Yo jumpoff a leaper nicca
This that Darq E Freaker nicca
UK Grimey tweaker nicca
Bleeding through yo speaker nicca
Posted at the podium, I'll be yo guest speaker nicca
I'll present my theseus nicca on how yo flow the weak of niccas
5th Halo installment,you still couldn't reach a nicca
Done being facetious nicca
Past time that I teach a nicca
Fuk dat uncle Tom nicca I'm done being calm nicca
All my tracks I bomb nicca
Yo raps are Islam nicca
You won't ever go H.A.M
You a slushy snowman
Made from all that sweet shit bitch get with the program
My drive hard, you no ram
I entertain like Soulman
My innerbrain is swollan
With all these rhymes that I'm holdin
I Got that fosho flow
Picked it up in SoHo
You better get that nodoze
To stop sleeping like a YO YOS
Like what da fuck you flow fo
Ain't seeing doe tho
But serving me is a no no
Screaming HENSHIN A GO GO!
Bout to transform da game
All these new niccas hyped up and lame
Cuz they can't rap plus they all sound the same
Oh they told you you was hot must be sniffing cocaine
And they popping them pills sniffing cocaine(x3)
Brainwash successful cuz nicca you is LAME!

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