I’m Magic - Drina Alpanzo Lyrics

(Drina's voice)
It's Drina, Drina, Drina, Ay Bayshawn
We got some new shit right here for these punk
Bitches that been trynna squad up, Nigga

(Verse 1- Drina)
I'm your average girl living in Brooklyn, They said
I couldn't rap cause the color of my skin, Been having
This dream every since I was 10. I came from another
Country. Saw all the hot record label. But then they didn't
Want me. Trynna put me down tell me I ain't about that life
Then when they heard me rhyme them bitches had to think twice
Get Money Entertainment my Nigga, We runnin' shit. So Hood Rich
Nigga we in this Bitch, Picture me Five years ago, I was broke
From outta town and had nowhere to go. Look at me now 2012 look
How many record I'mma sell. Fuck it, if my skin pale, Yo fuck it
I say "Chile" I ain't never been no racist, But I'm far from white
I'm known for laying bitches down when they come to my town. Be careful
Don't get too close cause I bite. I'm the type of person that you don't
Wanna pick a fight with, Ask everybody I fought, How hard do I hit? it ain't
Only chicks. I fight them and they man if they want it, and hands down, You
Know I'm gonna win. If I see you in the street you better start covering, Cause
I sneak up on you, You won't see it coming

Yeah, I'm that girl they love to hate
I'm the girl that be knockin' suckers out the way
I'm that girl from Puert to the Rico., I'm the girl that is
The beast, I'm that girl that run this shit, I'm
Fuckin' magic

Taking over the mike is Mr. Mineris. still on the same shit
Running this game, Don't fuck with Brooklyn, We'll put you in pain
Call up cash money record, speak to Mr. Bird Man, Tell you how a real
Nigga, Do his thing, Running in same circles breathing the same air, I'm
Only 23 years old, By the time I'm 25 I be a millionaire. My record label
Was doing it's shit back in the day, But since we found Drina,more money
To be made and we still ballin'.. Til, the day I die, I still be getting paid. Try to fuck with
G.Entertainment all you bitches will get laid. If you think I'm crazy, Then
We on the same page, Cause when I go on a rampage, Ain't no stopping me, I'm
Like a dog when I see a cage, I attack, Bitches to the max, Get em stitches

(Chorus 2x)

(Drina Voice)
I told all you little punk... Barbie bitches, That now is not the time for
You to be talking shit. But it is the time for you to get your ass whooped
Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way. The easy way would be me pounding
You in the back if the head. The hard way would be me giving you a full body beat down
Witch is it? (Fades out) I know these bums hear me

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