Daylight (Intro) - Davideo Lyrics

Bitches, hoes, weed, money
You want that shit, you ain't getting shit from me
This industry that caters to a
Demographic fake and stupid
Open up a motherfucking book for once
Thirteen, thinking you're a fucking crook with guns
No threat or bullet great as me
It's easy as your A B C's
A, don't care, B, don't make me
See anybody say, "D's so fake, he
Needs that E to feel so sweet."
F you, bitch, smoke real OG
What the H-E-double hockey sticks
Was I thinking I could prove by dropping this
Maybe one day I'll be great as Jay, okay
Big L, Eminem, my future's grey
Opaque as me, don't take no Peter
Piper bullshit, raise your feet
These other motherfuckers are back and forth as a Q & A
Do it great, do or die, do it phase you and I?
Artist, live rap, home is where the heart is
Esoteric shit you can get if you aren't retarded
Especially, designed to the T
You could look up in the sky and see it flying in a V
But I ain't mean to puzzle you, thinking too much is trouble, you
Writing this type of shit and you'll get the L not the W
Want that next shit, raw, triple-X shit
Catch Z's, put you to sleep but stay in your head, bitch
Like Beethoven, there ain't no other
Omelette du fromage, you simple motherfuckers

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