Stay Schemin’ (freestyle) - Danimal Lector Lyrics

[Verse One: Danimal Lector]

Bunch of fake dudes stay schemin'
Beat me? Stay dreamin'
You ain't got what it takes, man
You motherfuckers are claymation
I see you bending and folding
Me? I'm definitely holding
The title, defending it, chosen
Cause I'm golden when I'm flowin'
Hoping you know it, I'm a poet
Like Edgar Allen
Coming through, whatever challenge
I'm a bury it
Coming through like Harriet
Underground, fuck clowns, I'mma bury shit
Casket, closed, earned, burned
Whatever, motherfucker, my turn
You will learn
The name Danimal Lector
Coming through, damage a sector
I'm a cannibal, animal, motherfucker, with the mandibles of Hannibal
I know it rhyme with my name but the rhyme's the same
It don't matter cause I'm insane
And you can see the reflection in the glasses
Motherfucker, lick my ass, I ain't take no classes
I'm a motherfucker super senior and I got a super weiner
Lick my ass, bitch, coming through
I'll bury it, a tsk and a task
Put a bitch in the casket
Ain't no fucking with this shit and that shit
That's it, motherfucker, get back quick
I'mma bury it, coming through
You got a motherfucking faggot looking dude in your crew
I'mma fucking punch him too
Just cause the motherfucker look kinda rude
Me? I'm useless
Just kidding, I'm the best when it comes to music
Anything you can do I can do it
But a hundred times better, motherfucker, I can prove it
Beat me with a challenge
Motherfucker yeah see me, status:
Not likely
Fight me, bitch, I will beat you like your wifey
Fucking pussy, I ain't a rookie
I'm a fucking baked dude like a cookie
White dude, you? You're kinda mushy
You? You're vagina pussy
Soft and moist, cotton like
Me, huh? I could rock the mic
I lick box, but I'm not a dyke
So kick rocks, we are not alike
Motherfucker, I am nice
I got the fucking eyes of Christ
Except I don't believe in any of that shit, I am Atheist
So fuck you and pay me bitch
You stay schemin'
Beat me in a battle? Stay dreamin'
I might have fell off before
But I picked it back up, motherfucker
I stay leavin', the pause is filled
I'm coming through, the jaws are ill
I got a song to kill
Give me it, I got a saw and drill
I'mma come through, screw it
Chop it, cut it, do it, stupid
Whatever you can do, I said I can do it
But better dude
So fuck you, I'm out for that cheddar, dude
And that's all I got, man
Straight off the top

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