Forget You - Danimal Lector Lyrics

[Verse One: Danimal Lector]

Y'all know me, got an oz of that O.G kush
Oh me, oh me, oh my, so high
I'mma piss and tell you it's rainin'
Everybody loves me like I'm Raymond
All I'm saying is bitch I'm famous
Head full of shit like a dick in your anus
Yes, I've risen to greatness
No religion could save this
I'm wasted and plastered
In outer space like I'm NASA
White in the face like I'm Casper
Basically baked like a cracker
So take this, you slackers
In the faces, you bastards
And I'm from a place they call Stratford
White boy, but no relation to Asher
I'mma pop up, like Jason and grab ya
With a blade that looks like it came off a tractor
Brain hanging after, chainsaws and laughter
Maniac, with a Masters in disasters
In the back, I am slaughtering crews
Make a move, I got audibles dude
I'm awkward and rude, gawking at you
Bitch, suck dick, out-clocking his crew
You ain't shit, face it
Back to the basics
Jack, I'm proud of my aces
Leave you with a belly full of lead like you ate some pages
Buddy, buddy, loosen your laces
Never see me badder type
I'm out of this world like a satellite
You're the faggot type
I don't even know what being average is like
So tell me, I bet that you would know
All day in the studio
Making hits, but truly though
I'm the shit, you can call me booty-hole
No Coolio, but I'm in paradise
Life's a game, but like a pair of dice
I'm on top, yes very nice
Good thing I ain't scared of heights
Y'all know me, still the same L-E-C-T-O-R
Smellin' me, like you're smelling pee
You're probably thinking who the hell is he?
Well you see, you mumbling bum
You're done, I've come with an abundance of puns
Against me your chance is a hundred to one
Only thing I'm under is the sun
Ring your doorbell, punch and run
Just for some fun
Fuck it, I'm dumb
Tighter than the buns on a nun
Iron liver, with a tough set of lungs
Yup, here he comes
Hut, hut, hike!
It's General Custard with a rusty pipe
Here we go again

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