Dear Momma - Danimal Lector Lyrics

[Verse One: Danimal Lector]

Sex, drugs, rock and roll
Feeling unstoppable
Couldn't find my pot of gold
At the bottom of this bottle, hollow soul
Trying not to fall
But the pressure's building up, I can feel it
Like my heads touching the ceiling
No room to breathe
That means no room for me
I'm begging for a gimme
But no one wants to help me, they're selfish, stingy
I'm helpless, literally
Doing what they said I won't
On my own, all alone, the studio's what I call my home
I mean look at it from my point of view
I got a point to prove
I'mma make it, I promise, Momma, even though I'm a boy to you
I'm a man now, I got a plan now
I'mma do it, I have to, I got this, hands down
Cause see, I stand out
Soon I'll be leading them, even when
It feels like I lost some of my realest friends
You can't dwell in the past
We all got skeletons trapped, from way back
In the closet but some are better off forgotten
Life is full of options, so it's up to you
Sucks, but it's true, go nuts, my dude
Cause when it runs up, what can you do?
Nothing, you gotta live for the moment
I mean literally treat every minute like it's golden
I'mma keep on going, rolling along
Just hoping that my songs
Explain who I was, cause when I go, I'm gone
So long, till we meet again
Probably will be when I'm on T.V, I'll see you then

[Outro: Danimal Lector]

Have you ever been, on the losing end?
Losing my mind and losing my friends
Well dude it depends
Mostly I feel like giving in
But I know
I gotta get up and go
There's no stopping the show
Too late to turn back
And life ain't easy, I learned that fast
If you want something, go get it
No ones gonna give you nothing for free, man, not even a minute
Time is money now I've been underground
Just under a decade
Yet to be paid for this investment I made
It's for the love of the music
I swear to god, man, I ain't stopping, through the
Cracks in the concrete, I promise I will blossom
Dear Momma

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