Let’s Take a Trip - Da King & I Lyrics

[Verse One: Izzy Ice]
Wow! Well it goes boom
As my mouth bust gats
It's like that
You lookin' for me?
Look where the slug is at
Cause that's where I'm prone to be
So hazardous to your health
I'm like a stealth bomber
And I'm so swift you can't see me
So you can't be me, cause I'm so creamy
L'Eggo my Eggo cause I'm rich like Prego
Before I saw you, I brought your man a block ago
It's a medley from my man that's deadly
Hittin' hard like Reggie
And leavin' rappers with a wedgie
So in fact get your act together
Me and Majes' rap together
And you get mack: however
I get violent, as soon as I turn my brain on
Pull out the burner and say "flame on!"
But brothers fight like Battlecat
I drop two in the Cadillac with the tune like Arafat
I got a battle-axe, choppin' you down to size
Turnin' your American dream into French fries
I'm breakin' your arm, legs and hips 'n' shit
So let's take a trip, what is it...

[Hook] x2
Let's take a trip
(Where ya goin', Iz?)
I won't know
Until I get there
But will ya come?
(Hell yeah!)
Well all right
Hitchin' a ride!

[Verse Two: Izzy Ice]
As a rhyme get sinkin'--
--Yo yo, rewind that, rewind that, cause, I, I just wrote this shit last night
(C'mon man, get off that shit man)
Cool, lemme just lemme just get this shit out, over, one time
(All right man)

As a rhyme gets sinkin'
The good the knockin' blinkin'
I understand why, cause their styles are dead and stinkin'
You couldn't see my like Houdini
Where did I go?
To get the fork, cause I'mma eat you like linguini
Weeny, eenie, meanie, miney, I'll wax your hiney!
I mean so fat, you shouldn't try me
I mean really, it's merely and I dare G
Of rhyme-sleepin' like a Sealy
I'm goin' off at the bomb, why is that?
Da King and I, come together like Voltron
And that's why we still standin'
Like channel 5, you get MASH'd when there's Knots Landin'
So let's play connect the knots that I rock
Brothers gettin' flipped like IHOP
And it's plain to see who's the man with the action
My name ain't Mike, so you ain't Jack, son
So act like you know, ock
Rappers suck so much, they're handin' out Blow Pops
Cause everybody sound the same
With the baddest the meanest the cleanest
Soundin' like a penis
Cut it short cause your breath stinks
Tickled pink is a brother like me
So now you're left stinkin'
I'm breakin' your arm, legs and hips 'n' shit
So let's take a trip, what is this...

[Hook] x2

The truth is the reflection of the inner glows
To be achieved with Da King & I
You must first see the trip, before you can take the trip
The destination is success
Full speed ahead
Unfasten the seatbelts in your mind
And feel free to experience the trip
As we unveil the sailing of S.S. King & I
Allow us to journey through your mind
And display art in its purest form
As you can see
There are many talented kids from the ghetto
And I ask
Will you take this trip?

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