Haze - CYNE Lyrics

[Verse 1: Akin]
Ayyo, ayyo, well guess who’s taking
Over this just like supreme soviet?
Is down by law as Grover, fit up all the fist
Brown-skinned man, I smoke up reefer plants
And still making plans. While they make the vain/vein
I spit venom, the quintessential mic phantom
The rhyme villain wanted for dealing truth, a felon and
This new world, uh, we like to call home
The home of the brave, the free and the unknown roam
With a host of future black moguls
Blue-collar whites with a mic to fight vultures (Waiting)
That’s utopia (Stop!). I’m getting over ya
Head against the lead, hit hard when I hold it to the
Paper, write a song so y’all can all sing along—fuck
That—I’ll ring alarms ‘til your school’s out. It’s bombs over
Baghdad and Iraq, Kuwait at the same time
I’m sick of your lame rhymes. Y’all pray when it’s game time

[Verse 2: Cise Star]
Surviving the storm, a GoBot with multiple forms
A psychedelic with the relic, star-gate to beyond
2001 Space Odyssey in the sun
Like Tron, I’m in the game, so deep in the blood
Following hope, pushing over stumbling blocks, I’m holding
On to the little bit of love that I’ve got
For my peoples in the cities that be holding their own
To my peoples in the country that rebuilding their homes
To my fathers that be paying child support to their kids
To my dialing-out brothers in the jail doing bids
Keep your head up, heart strong with fists in the air
Keep your weight up. For Cise Star, we taking it there, so breath

[Hook: Cise Star]
We’re gonna kill it with the spirit of change, I’ll be
The only brother fanning the flames (Yup, yup)
We’re gonna kill it with the spirit of change, I’ll be
The only brother fanning the flames

[Bridge: Akin Yai]
Move it to this movement, do it
Make your daddy proud (Proud). Now
We speak into shit too deep, yet
We stay above ground

[Verse 3: Cise Star]
I see people how they want to be seen
Just another human being, trying to make in your dream
It’s the little things that mean so much in this life, so I’ma
Treat you like a brother—fuck a wicked device
Be the more better blues when you good and you lose
Be the black man, survive, I’m paying my dues, beating
Ridiculous wickedness I’m seeing on news. It makes
A predicament hit or miss, so what do we do?
Cultivate Your New Experience, open your arms
Embrace everything that’s around you ‘cause you living with God
Holding on, holding strong ‘cause we’re living it now
Keep it on, hope is ours ‘cause the love is found, for real
Speak easy to the gravel on streets
Asphalt molding the beats, emanate in the heat, it’d be
The many, many tears ‘cause the road is harsh
Striving in the City of God

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