One Song - Chris Webby Lyrics

All I need is one song, one line
All I need is one break to survive
All I get is one chance to come on
Five more hours to come up with a song

[Verse 1]
All I need is one mic, one pen, one piece of paper
One top single, and it's game over for the haters
One shot, one chance, one opportunity
One motherfucking animal is what I grew to be
One man army, throwing one finger up
Always the middle one cause you know I never give a fuck
One dream is the reason that I'm here
Went to college cause they told me that I needed a career
But I won here now, look all over your Facebook
Where the jokes now? All you motherfucking Dane Cooks
Making fun of me, walking down the hallway
Just a middle schooler, headphones on all day
Little punk but my eye was on the prize
It took a lot of tries but I knew I'd get it right
Now I got the last laugh, ain't life funny?
Y'all are out job hunting while I'm sitting on money


[Verse 2]
All I need is one beat and one hour to get it written down
One style? Nah, every day I got a different sound
Kid around with the flow, so serious
When it's my turn, I'ma kill shit, period
I'm doing good, dude, they getting mad now
Yelling "Fuck Webby!" while they chilling in the crowd, huh
I just laugh and roll with it
They came in here to hate, but I made money off they tickets
Bitches, shit, I've been at it for a while
Man, your best written rap is my worst freestyle
At first they ignored me, now they in denial
I'm like a Thornberry on the mic, gettin' wild
On that animal flow, now everywhere I go, the camera go
So they can watch me get my hands on the dough
Why you mouthing off to me? You're just an amateur, bro
And this UConn Huskie about to go pro


[Verse 3]
All I got is one life, so the devil better stop rushing me
Gave it all I got and now I'm sitting here at 23
Looking back at this life I've lived
Used to pay to get a gig, now I sell 'em out, kid
And just recently, my wallet was empty
Had to scrape together pennies to get some chicken at Wendy's
Couldn't even take my girl out on a date
Now we coppin' appetizers and a 40 oz steak
Side of mozzarella sticks so I gotta tell em this
You don't need a medical degree to tell I'm sick
Bitch, let me live my life
Stop trying to hold me back or I'ma miss my flight
First class posted, sippin' on Jack
Headphones on as I write these tracks
Where I'm headed? I don't even know that
All I know is when I get there, I'ma never look back

The pressure is rising, no more mistakes (Nah)
Don't try to deny it, don't you hesitate (No hesitation, man)
Those voices are calling, calling out your name (They calling for you, man)
But don't look so sad, cause it's a long way back (And I ain't never
Looking back, I ain't ever looking back)


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