What’s Da Word - Chris Jones Lyrics


Chris Jones, Riffs
Whats the word, whats the word
Whats the word, word up
Chris Jones, Riffs
Word we been doin' this

Verse 1:

Im ridin', im so fly so im flyin'
Im rollin' with a pack of wolves, skydiva' still skydivin'
Im hurtin' niggas so im piledrivin'
You said you ballin', but im ballin', dont say it dog, yo I know you lyin'

Juelz Shinin', money mitch couldv'e seen that, my green stack
My terror squad e'll make you lean back
This for the riffs thats still riffin'
This for all the fat niggas that was funny, but lame, this for the Peter Griffins

This for the different, for a nigga with a grey dream
My chain mean, 18 with the same team
Im dreamin' bout' the wild life, ciroc sample cups
And bitches from Brazil that really know whats real

My bold lips sealed, I never knew what it took to inform
I friendship strong, 3 days later, our friendship gone
The girl I really dreamed to have in my arms was way too short
And, she a ho, yo its way too wrong

But its stress versus man, and man got the upperhand
And life too short so I make it rain like the motherland
They really try to stop me, Im Lebron in the 2nd
If they better then me speak...(cricket) aight just checkin'

So imma' keep on wreckin', motherfuck a real competitor
Im really runnin' shit, vote Chris Jones for US senator
And no im not a thug, but I know niggas that put lead in ya'
And imma' keep on countin' this money like im the treasurer

Im Chris Jones just in case you lost in dopeness
I gotta' focus, we savin' up for the lotus
You probably know this, I make it rain and leave you soaken
But you probably won't believe me cause' where im from, this shit hopeless
Whats Da' Word

Chris Jones

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