I Wonder - Chief Lyrics

Ay, Ay, Uh-huh
It's your boy Chief
What up Magnetic?
Let's get it

[Verse 1]
Sometimes I wonder why I'm still rapping
I wonder why I'm still here
I wonder why he had to take aim
I wonder why my other cousins over fighting the war
Don't understand what we even fighting it for
Can't help but wonder, why everybody filled with hate
Cuz I'm alive so I'm feeling great
Wonder why weed's illegal but cigarettes ain't
Or why I can't get a job over minimum wage
I wonder why the Lions ain't fired Millen yet
Or why I ain't make a million yet
I wonder why other states don't got the 10 cent cans
Or why the radio's playing them same ten jams
Maybe I think too much, but why don't you?
Wonder why all I see is the crime on the news
Wonder why they say the real lies in the truth
And every time I'm 'bout to dip I can't find my shoes
I wonder

[Hook: Rusty De Yah]
Sometimes I wonder why
Oh why oh my my my
You have to wonder
Boy, don't slip, you might wonder
No don't you ever wonder why?
Oh why oh my my my
You have to wonder
Boy, don't slip, you might wonder

[Verse 2]
I wonder why bullets are so cheap
I wonder why at 25, I feel like an OG
I wonder why my boy won't see his own seed
And my girl let her man hit her but she won't leave
I wonder why some of my friends are dope fiends
Matter of fact: I wonder about most things
Like if I ever bet on a game that's fixed
And I wonder why they giving tax breaks to the rich
I wonder how my man's holding up locked in the pen
I wonder how this month I'm going to make my rent
I wonder if I'll blow up right after I die
Wondering why I'm wondering I'm wondering why
I wonder why rich kids all driving Benz
While I'm trying to hold on to my surviving friends
Wondering why college is designed for debt
Still wondering why Slim ain't signed me yet
Don't you?


I wonder why divorce is the new trend
Wonder why I gotta see Lindsay Lohan on every other newsstand
Wonder why I'm paranoid those times when I'm high
Or why I couldn't get "City Boy" on 9-5-5
I wonder when my girlfriend going to be my wife
Wonder when I have a son how I'm going to teach him right
Wonder if I'll even get to get to get up tomorrow
Wonder how my mom's doing, maybe give her a call
Really wonder how parents can kill their kids
Wondering how Magic found a cure for the hiv
I wonder why cats still sleep on the D
Matter of fact: I wonder why they sleeping on me
Sometimes I let my mind wander as I'm falling asleep
Wondering about what I want to do to a beat
I wonder if I'll ever even find the meaning of life
Or where your boy might find the next reason to write
Ya know?


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