Bachelor’s Finale - Charles Hamilton Lyrics

So real..
So right..
Can't explain the feeling
Like a.. Sunlight
Brings the life you mean it...

(Verse I)
She reached out in a way that can't be stated
Made my day
But made me anxious, Can't take it
Sleeping naked with my door closed
Appreciating porno's
Cus' I read what they saying for more closure
No what I mean?
So many poetry scenes
All I need to make me say or believe
Calling her my baby and my only love
But Harlem made me say that to all the ladies I touched
Awkward wasn't enough of an adjective to capture this
In fact it isn't even half of what this crap is
Im past tense im knotted in time
Popular as I
But how can I find out what's really mine
Her mind is a synthesizer
And im her behandcock when I get inside her
It's not tryna play her
Not even being a player but tryna save her

I can't escape this life that im living
Im in the mist
Im in love with two women
That's word to I
I got two ladies on my mind
And I don't want to let none of them go (x2)

(Verse II)
Picking my non-celebrit lady up from work
Raising up her skirt with my eyes
Just to flirt with her sides
She working and she got the perfect thighs
Thicking all the right spots
Circular size
Her Co-Workers certainly despise her
Cus' I show her worth being quirky at night
My lady and a half
I take a bath and accidents in the past to my lady mad like
"You know you not the only one right?"
She knows im lying but she still looks in my eyes in the sunlight
Like, if you cheat then leave
Keep it between me and you or leave me to be free
I said "It's just you"
"You trust me"
She doesn't
Push the wrong button

It's that deep

(Chorus) (x2)

(Verse III)
My superstar keep in low cus' she don't need people to know who she's seeing
People are nosy
Well ring around our word that rhyme
Hard dirt shine when starburst collide
Understand me?
She doesn't
Just like my superstar citizen im buggin
They both out of this world
Im more force than a orbit
Recording verses to circle the Earth which is my heart
Of which two people dwell
Never sleeping well
Who am I sleeping with?
She rocks my world
But who
Im such a fucking lier if I try to say you
Cus that you I use goes too
Tears for fears and jeers for my boo

Lost without yall..

(Chorus) (x2)

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