Lucky - Blu Lyrics

Yeah, this is a special presentation!

I’ve been feelin like a blood, rockin' blu(e)
That what it was, look what it do
What up, cuh? Pyru
Copacetic on the medics when he slide through
Chucks heels kissing like Dorothy's slippers
In the W with green like Dorsey niggas
Oh they with us? yeah, you know they winna's
Blowin big, giving height to the shorty's with us
40 sippers but we switched it to the darker mix
Tease a bitch like I put her on my partner’s kicks

I be leanin....
Luck it left me, left me
Let me reintroduce myself
Yes, be fly, and increase? myself
Kiss the sky, yeah, but don’t fall, don’t fall!
Must be the ocean… coastin
Must be the ooooo
Slow motion for me
Slow motion for me
Slow motion for me!

Oh my God, I can’t turn it off
Cocoa with the loco but you butter soft
You should wear a beige, I should wear a crown
I'm from the moon bridge, its a merry town
It's where us kids used to kick it by the snits
And the Crips used to kick it with they Crips
When they switched, never snitched
Never fell in a well and never slipped
Never been gone, never rinsed over
Back to the ballin' like I never rode a bitch!
Fuck a job want paint? get on blocks, maine
Nigga, praise God for that hop-hip
Fuck a cop, sucka i...
Fuck is life if you don’t do shit
Life's bigger than a crew bitch
Hop out that crew and mop a broomstick
I must be too lit
I must be too…

Be a Muslim, marry twice, move to another country
Get money…

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