Puff Tuff - Aesop Rock Lyrics

I saw them, they're out there man

Misanthropes puff tuff, buck up at your pigeonholes
Normal Christian home at a distance behind his picket rows
I was on a double yellow line
Beached with a Lilliputian army to suffocate and divide
Suicide kings on the 495, do the math, do or die, never knew to chew the fat
Do his upturned, diamondbacks max flicker
The only shutter speed he ever had to shoot his thriller was
Winter 88, baby made a nest out of stories of Babylon and galactic unrest
Caddy stack of rumors on the shoeless express
Where you could read your epitaph before your foot even slips
And I keep adding to this Rube Goldberg
Mechanism after wacky mechanism loaded and holstered

They operate accordingly, every bell and whistle had a trigger
But not an ultimate goal to compose toward Amigo

Study the mother of all Blitzkriegs
Shoulda kept the lambs and lions in split screens
Bitch please, panic will divide the herd at the vital nerve
Drivers who tidy and Firebirds, I emerge
Hayday like a symphony arranged in melee attacks
Wake em where the mayday is at
And when he stood up on the ledge where the pigeons guard the eggs
His brain hollered jump while his dark heart said

I walked through fire and did not get burned (x8)

These are the slings and arrows that sing carols on Arcadian rain
They're honeycombing kings and cowards the same
Not exactly Sunny D and school plays
Fluffernutter, baby carrots more akin to pacing parent doomsday
Circle of abrasive parrots placed inside a room stay to
Duplicate the moves made
, say form of lazy on some gladly pay you Tuesday
Two would follow suit into the crew suede
But you would rather lose it all than mutate
Weapon revvin up, worms through your segments up
Bedlam as the leper section bed off through the lapel chump
And you were sweating bullets on some irony is golden
With no commitment issues in the moment
Itchy finger crispy when a morning you were open
Spin of liquors frozen ill of fortune down from any chamber chosen
And when it clicked instead of banged
The little breath that fled his fangs

Was drenched in the belief that you had hoped no one had noticed
But--this is not a competition of the damned
All Plebs broil equally, no idiosyncrasies
That secretly would climb up out of the silver foil
Where the skippys pitter-patter past the sleeping killers coil
One man dogs playing poker yoke a harpy up
One hand on his heart like his bubble juice pocket car key tuck
One long mile of dog fence
Got him kicking a hornets nest until the sidewalk ends

I walked through fire and did not get burned (x8)

[Rob Sonic:]
Puff Tuff
Puff tuff

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