Wake Up - Adonis Lyrics

[Intro: Talking]
Aw shit what I do last night
Where the fuck am I
Fuck man I wanna sleep

[Verse 1]
I can't go to sleep at night without a joint or a drink
A handful of pills to make sure I can't think
Lifes a bitch thats why I flirt with death
And when it gets hot I'm always first to sweat
Woke up this morning and the only thing I had
A migraine and a few scraps in a dime bag
I'm sad, and I can't believe I'm sayin this
Broke my own heart last time I played a bitch
I told myself a long time ago I'd never love another ho
Not heartless just learned to use my heart less, thats the way life go
And though your heart may grow cold throughout the years
Beware, objects may be closer than they appear

[Verse 2]
My body feels warm, I can't move my arms
My head feels beaten, no cause for alarm
I'll be out and about, just give me some time
It's 1 PM, I'll be up around five
What to today, I think I'll go visit my grandfathers grave
A human soul but the paper didn't even give him a whole page
My mentor, the man who taught me everything I need
Sometimes I cry at night thinking I will never see
Him again but I still see him in my dreams
Maybe thats why I spend half the day asleep
Or maybe its just what these drugs have done to me
Perhaps I should quit start my life over
Think about the future, brush the world off my shoulders
I can do it, I know that I can
I feel like the man
God knows my soul needs healing
I'mma zone out till I lose feeling

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