Da Bomb - Adonis Lyrics

[Verse 1]
These other MC's they ain't got what I got
They ain't talk like I talk
They ain't walk where I walk
Ya flow stale like looking like moldy socks
Rhyme style outdated kinda like oldies rock
Cut ya hair goldilocks
My flowin is iller than alzheimers
You chose the wrong time to start rhyming
Spark lighters, start fires hotter than dark cider
Make ya walk lighter when ya heads chopped skyward
You run your mouth like a soft fighter
Mess with me you will rest in peace that is a fact
You get murdered worse than getting me on a track
You winnings as likely settin me on my back
It's hard to contemplate the stars and constellations
I often conflagrate these simple confrontations

[Verse 2]
Sharpen up your pencils key up your typewriters
Knock out the teeth of these pussy rhyme biters
Welcome to lyrical combat, we on that
Score one and one like balls back
This verse has more wordplay than a crossword puzzle
I run lines when I hustle, but I start with blocks
Wolf down your food so I starve your flock
Leave you chickens headless like a retarded cock
I'll drive you nuts like I was bolting from the cops
Seeing red like I'm running stops
With a bitch who's seen more dick than Lyn Cheney
I run dese MC's like the mid eighties
I stack flour till I'm pushing up daisies
My own homeys say I'm heartless
If home is where the heart is
My emotional intelligence must be retarded

My flow is so rugged cops took my phone and bugged it
I'll kill ya favorite rapper like Suge did
I give baby gangsters diaper rash
Tear you up worse than a lifers ass

Fuck wait what was I saying?
Hold up, ima keep going though its fine
Hold up

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