64 - Adonis Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm runnin' amok fuckin a slut my nuts in her butt
Go rough in the mud or hard in the paint
So much bars in the tank I'm startin to faint
Pardon my stank I'm fartin today
Carvin the way for cartman to play
Carpe diem, as dope on the mic as marvin is gay
My bitch the finest, wants me be buyin
Diamonds designed with lines of icin
Its never about a ho
I just hit it then I'm out the do'
About to blow
I said I just fucked one you can have her
She rides the dick like chutes and ladders
Went in the house this honey I desired
Man on fire, thats three ho's one after the other
Your future looks pretty, I'll run after ya mother

[Verse 2]
I'm the type of baller that fathers hate for their daughters
And I won't call her soon as my dick grows smaller
I trust a bitch about as far as I could throw her
So when the liqours in me I'm more gullible than sorta
I fuck me a drunk slut, nut bust, right in her upchuck
(I needa go home) bitch shut up
I don't know if I want happiness or a ho
Who can look hot and still suck a good cock when I'm sixty fo'
I want a ten, but I got an 8 with me
If I wife her I know what they'll say to me
You havin' girl problems I feel bad for you son
You tried to turn a ho to a housewife wasn't that dumb

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