Immaculate Perception - 8Ball Lyrics

[Intro: 8Ball]
They love to hate
Any time, any place
They love to hate
Behind the back and in the face
They love to hate
Every day, all day
They love to hate
Behind the back and in the face

[Verse 1: 8Ball]
Leave one of you niggas stretched out in the middle of the street
Stressed out every day of the week
My only relief when I hear these beats
Smokin’ calms me down
Talk soft but the weeds I blow loud
I was hard then, still hard now
Memphis nigga, that still my town
Bitch 4-5, bout for sho’
If you see it you probably gonna die
Don’t rough that but the bullets in the outside like shh shh when they wield ‘em by
Put it in the light, bag it ain’t slow
My DNA was not the trans ho
MJG, my brother for life
No speculation, that’s what I know
Timeless, it don’t die bitch
Long life, strong heart, hot head
Could’ve been dead
Space age, that’s what we are
Bigger than life, Superman
No cape on, with the blunt in my hand
Safety off, I might let one go
Safety off, I might let one go

[Hook: 8Ball]
I wanna make them happy songs but it’s not a accurate reflection
I make sweat poetry with my immaculate perception
Never go nowhere without profile, that’s built for my protection
I was rolling up and burning at the time of its conception
And I know that sound, kinda fucked up y’all
But that’s how I feel and that’s how I roll
And that’s all I live, and that’s all I know
And it’s what I give and that’s how it goes

[Verse 2: Waka Flocka Flame]
Twenty thousand eight balls of cocaine
That’s what it cost for the chain
Meet 8Ball in the ass club
They screamin’ all make it rain, that’s all I know, my dog bark
I’m a boss like a GD
My life a movie, no TV, I’m fully focused
All my heads in, the brief feel better in the driver seat
Don’t preach to me about music
Sayin’ Waka step up your lyrics
Mind your business, I’m eatin’
Big belly, that’s to get money gut
Flockavelli got me a bulletproof truck
These two group kids got me stuck
Blow it out the back, well Waka Flocka Flame
The ’96 show, I do what I wanna do, do whatcha could
I said ghetto after ghetto, walkin’ block after block
From Craig County Riverdale, what the fuck?
I’m up all night like a truck
I don’t trust shit, the cops is suckers
Brick Squad Monopoly that’s the company
I don’t need no company so I'mma let my homies speak
I'mma do me and be myself
If you don’t like that go fuck yourself


[Verse 3: Yelawolf]
You see this Jack bottle?
That could be the reason that I pulled the motherfucker right out, scared him
And introduce him to my homie in the trailer park
Bend over till you go, we'll polish
You see this bad model?
She might be the only bitch to ever get you into a situation
Because you hate to see me lookin’ like I do and still get these number tens, ho
Oh you a gangster huh?
Well I never seen a G suckin’ dick cause I put it on my fuckin’ list
To fuck up shit in the rap game
And I’m doin’ it
Slummerican's bangin’, huh?
Besides me, you ain’t never gonna fuck with Rittz
And Shawty Fatt'll welcome back into the welcome mat
Young Struggle at the mailbox with the bricks
8Ball, Waka Flocka walking through the sticks
Alabama got a lot of troubles with the clips
And because I know about a murder written 'bout this
Yelawolf has got a lot of people talkin’ shit
But it’s everything cause you don’t know about the history
That my career has been through, homie
I coulda flown to the moon on a bird's back
Before I could jump out and act like a phony
So it really don’t matter to me
What you think about the clothes I put on
It’s my originality
That's got ‘em all acting like hoes
Catfish Billy and I'm on some new shit
Don't hate bitch, I can make you rich
Suck dick while I sip Nestle Quik
With my money shoes all over you momma's new whip, yup

[Outro: 8Ball]
They love to hate
Any time, any place
They love to hate
Behind the back and in the face
They love to hate

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