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  • Support all web browsers to download YouTube to MP3 & MP4

    How to download videos off YouTube? YouTuFab, the one-click solution, is the tool that you need. You are allowed to use any web browser to open this online Video Downloader. It’s an exciting thing that YouTuFab has been extended to download all sorts of videos from any site that you can imagine, keep their original quality and convert them to MP3 & MP4, the most universal audio/video format. As we all know, MP3 is the most popular audio format used to hugely compress the data without damaging quality. While MP4 is a digital multimedia container format most commonly used to store video and audio, but it can also be used to store other data such as subtitles and still images.

  • Easy to use with three steps to download gorgeous videos off any site

    If there is any tip we need to clarify in advance as to how to download videos off YouTube, that’s no tip. Three steps, as crystal as glass, is all that you will go through. Firstly, copy the URL of a YouTube video/audio you like and paste it to the input field; secondly, hit DOWNLOAD; thirdly, pick up a FORMAT & RESOLUTION to download. That’s the end. The same steps adapt to the cases of downloading other gorgeous videos off interesting websites. Let’s repeat it: Copy the video address, paste it to the input field, click DOWNLOAD, and choose a FORMAT & RESOLUTION to download. Have a try. You will be surprised at YouTube to MP4. Gorgeous videos are definitely attainable.

  • Free Online YouTube Downloader & Video Converter

    Totally free online Downloader, fastest in download speed and premium in output quality. What a sexy website. Only if your device is connected to the Internet, YouTube Audio Downloader can help you download thousands of videos for offline storage, for example, your own folder, disc or cloud. Would you notice a case? It’s disturbing to find, at the final step, you can’t download YouTube videos/audios in a format that you picked up in the supported format list. That means, some free online websites actually don’t support all formats they have listed. We don’t act like that. This free online solution enables you to download videos YouTube successfully only if the YouTube link you paste is valid and detectable.

  • Fast speed in YouTube download

    Not more than a minute, as tested dozens of times, is the time you will spend in downloading a 20-minute video. The longer the original video is, the more the time you need. Actually, the time it takes to download a long video won’t exceed that of drinking a cup of cocktail on a beautiful night. Let’s take an example, downloading videos off YouTube. With YouTuFab, some popular YouTube songs or videos can be easily and quickly downloaded to MP3, MP4 or video only for offline storage and appreciation. You may download videos YouTube as drinking a cup of coffee in a leisure afternoon. Fastest Video Downloader, some users name YouTuFab, which is also what we are working to keep.

  • Different resolutions to choose, especially full HD with YouTube Video Downloader

    YouTuFab supports to download videos to MP3, MP4, and video only. The audios/videos are always converted into the highest available quality. This is the standard we keep. Besides, when you download video off YouTube, YouTuFab offers different resolutions, including 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2160p, for supported formats in case you want different file sizes. Please note the output video will not be distinct enough if you choose 144p or 240p. All the above-mentioned resolutions are not always listed on the download page because the output video quality is also influenced by the original source. There is one thing for sure that we will always provide the same resolution as the original source for you to choose from.

  • No plugin, extension or software involved

    YouTuFab is a powerful and well-prepared tool that you are looking for to download videos off YouTube. You are surely in the right place where you can get full tech supports and your different needs for resolutions are answerable. In addition, YouTuFab supports to download videos from 1000+ websites, including many relaxing websites for girls and boys, and convert videos online to MP3, MP4, Video Only, which one to choose depends on you. Such a versatile Video Downloader is an online website that works without stop only if your device is networked. Therefore, any plugin, extension or software is redundant for YouTuFab. All downloading things can be finished on the Big Converter.

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About YouTuFab

YouTuFab is a powerful web app to download any video/audio from 1000+ websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram, and more. Your device being networked, YouTuFab is capable of delivering fast download speed and outputting high-quality videos/audios with different resolutions for you to select, especially full HD, 4K. YouTube being the website source, YouTuFab is an ultimate program to download any YouTube video. It’s easy to use for any person who wants to play YouTube audio/video on the portable devices for free offline viewing at places where the online search is impossible or limited. Just enter a YouTube URL and experience our fast YouTube downloading speed and high output quality with different resolutions.

Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field. Together, we strive to make this product become your most reliable friend to help you download any YouTube video.

Tips to download videos from 1000+ websites

Step 1: Paste a video URL into the input box

Step 2: Click DOWNLOAD

Step 3: Choose a FORMAT and RESOLUTION to output


Q: Do you limit the number of files I download and convert?

A: No, we don’t. There is no restriction upon the number of YouTube clips you use this Video Downloader for YouTube videos to download, however, there is a condition that those clips must be free of copyright protection.

Q: How long will I spend in downloading and converting a YouTube video/audio?

A: The time you spend depends on the length of videos/audios you are to download. Specifically, you can download a ten-minute YouTube video under a minute. This  YouTube videos downloader has been tested to be one of fastest YouTube downloaders online.

Q: What audio/video formats do you support?

A: MP3, MP4 & Video Only with different resolutions to choose from. At present to download YouTube video downloader, that’s enough because files in those formats can playback on almost all devices you can list.

Q: Can you download YouTube files with copyright protection?

A: No, we can’t. We do not advocate any illegal use of this free website to download YouTube video downloader and suggest you respect the copyright of the contributors.

Q: Is this YouTube Video Downloader available on a smartphone or tablet?

A: Yes. We have a version in a smartphone and tablet so that you can use this Videos Downloader YouTube on any web browser only if your target device is connected to the Internet.

Q: Do you have our download and conversion histories?

A: No, we don’t. This Videos Downloader YouTube only provides necessary tech supports to help you download YouTube clips. This YouTube Multi Downloader never keeps user’s histories.

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